How to build a successful relationship as a CEO

In my last post, I talked about all the reasons why it’s difficult to start and maintain a relationship as a CEO. But it’s not all bad news because CEOs do get married, and start a family (roughly 80%, according to this study.) How do they do it?

Here are three straightforward approaches you can take to foster a healthy and rewarding relationship as a CEO.


Expect the busy days

According to a study by Havard Business Review, CEOs work an average of 9.7 hours per weekday and up to 79% of weekend days. The study concluded something you live every day - time is your scarcest resource.

You have to help your partner understand that your work is your baby and that you’re a package deal. Once they understand that, you can both develop strategies to work around your commitments.

One approach that couples in similar situations use is to sync their schedules. That way, you can both find free times to sneak in lunch dates or quick calls in between meetings.

Communication is key

A lack of communication can ruin any relationship. But when you have a high-stress job, things can get so much worse.

Without communication, your busy schedule will come across as avoidance, your strong opinion feels like opposition, and your dedication to work feels like a lack of interest.

However, it’s not just communication, as a study by the University of Georgia found. It’s not enough to share details about yourself, your day, and your work. Instead, couples are advised to practice radical transparency.

Radical transparency means sharing without any inhibitions or defensive feelings. It also means being receptive to your partner’s reality, however unexpected it might be.

One important element with radical transparency is two-way communication. That means you’re sharing without holding back, but you’re also getting the same commitment from your partner.

With great communication, you can spend more time together and gradually work out all the bugs in your relationship.

Be with someone who cares about what you do

Being with someone who understands what you do is critical to relationship success. It’s even better when they care about your business goals. They can share your wins, support you in losses, and provide objective feedback from someone outside the organisation.

Your partner is the one person in the whole world without ulterior motives and who has your best interest at heart. Getting input from someone who cares that much about you can make the job less lonely. It also builds a strong foundation for your relationship.

Some more good news

When you’re a CEO, it’s easier to have a successful relationship with a professional. They understand, to an extent, why you are the way you are, and that understanding can help cement your relationship.

That’s why my job is to connect you with other professionals who understand the value of companionship and a work-life balance. Schedule a call today and let’s talk about how I can help you find the perfect mate.


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