Here’s why it’s difficult for CEOs to have successful relationships

If you occupy a high-level position at work, there’s a ton of responsibility resting on your shoulders. This often makes it difficult to start and maintain a relationship because your work commitments may cause your partner to feel frustrated, ignored, and unwanted.

You’ll often find that these relationship difficulties are caused by specific factors. Let’s take a close look at 3 of them. 


1. You never fully unplug

As a CEO, you are the decision-maker in your organisation and so, you’re always on the clock. And while you may have some flexibility with work hours, you do have to be available at a moment’s notice, whether it’s responding to an email or dashing down to the office.

As a result, your dates will be interrupted quite often. You may also need to ask for last-minute rain checks because something came up.

Besides affecting your intimacy, this irregular schedule may also create doubt about your commitment to the relationship. “If he loves me, he should be able to unplug from work and spend time with me,” your partner may think. 


2. You have a fixed schedule

Most people have a hard time juggling many of their responsibilities as adults. But occupying a position of responsibility takes it to a whole other level. Your days are most likely chaotic and only strict planning and structuring can get things under control.

That’s why when you find a system that works, it’s difficult to change things because you risk going back to square one. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to fix dates and spend time with a partner, especially if it’s a new relationship. As a result, you may often have to choose between messing with your schedule or canceling the date.


3. You can be opinionated

Everybody is opinionated about something. Some people swear the best way to eat a hotdog is with ketchup, and some others would sue you for breaking pasta before boiling it.

As a CEO, you have to be opinionated - you are the decision-maker after all. Unfortunately, your strong opinions often cause disagreements in your relationship.

It becomes difficult to see your partner’s perspective, which can be frustrating for them. This can manifest in everything from picking a restaurant to deciding how to spend the weekend. And constant disagreements are never a good thing in a relationship.


The Bottom Line

The good news is that a large number of CEOs are actually married. Even though these traits come with the job, you can work around them and eventually build a stable and loving relationship. In my next post, I talk about strategies you can use to make this happen. 

As a matchmaker, my job is to help you find a partner who fits your personality, quirks, and unique situation. I work with busy professionals just like you who are willing to build a life with the right person. Book a call and let’s talk about how I can help you.

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